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 Thie Automated WardrobeLiftTM  is a very innovative product that can automatically lower a clothing rail with the push of a button. The unit moves the hanging clothes down and out and  does not interfere with stored items below. It stops automatically at the lower position.  When returning to the "up" position, the Automated WardrobeLiftTM moves quietly and smoothly and stops automatically at the top position. It is definitely a much more elegant and powerful solution to the hand operated pull downs.

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Try out our NEW StorageMotion website! 

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Photos and Videos and More 

  The Automated WardrobeLiftTM has two rotating arms that work in tandem to lower your clothing down to you! Each rotating arm is motor driven and there is a single simple control switch for up or down. The arms rotate down in about ten seconds and can easily support up to 65 lbs!! A clothes rod up to four feet long can be suspended between the two arms and  the motor is neatly hidden in a two inch diameter tube that acts as a drive system for the rotating arms. An enclosure can also be created for the motor tube for an even more high end look.

We offer:

  • Wood lifts that are available in a variety of popular, hard woods
  • Metal lifts that resemble traditional wardrobe lifts except that they are motor driven
  • Custom lifts that allow triple hang and can span more than 4 feet
  • Remote control that can include individual, group and master control.
  • Wireless wall switches

            (Patent Pending)


awl wood arms cherry.jpg

Painted Black 

awl  painted black.jpg


























Please view this video from the 2009 Closet Conference in Chicago, IL  (Patent Pending)


Below is the metal lift model with wood enclosure for motor assembly

awl with enclosure - front.jpg

awl wood arms -front.jpg

awl with enclosure - angle.jpg 




















 Please view this video of the metal/chrome Automated Wardrobe Lift where the drive

assembly (motorTube) has been hidden within the crown moulding


Please view this video of the Automated Wardrobe Lift which shows the wireless wall switch   
Please view this NEW video (below) of an Automated Wardrobe Lift
that has extended lift capability. This model is very NEW!!   



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