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The AutoPantry™  will help you easily find and reach your pantry items that are out of reach! It works on the principle of a carousel where items go around and around in a vertical fashion. It is great for bringing items from high places to eye level (whatever that may be!)  Don’t get a ladder, get The AutoPantry™ .

The AutoPantry™  is a motor-driven, electric, vertical carousel that brings shelves up, down and around so that they can be easily available for the user.  It can be designed to be installed with the bottom shelf of the unit at eye level OR as a larger floor to cieling unit. Not only does it bring items down that are normally out of reach but it also brings items from the back of your pantry to the front for easy access.   The AutoPantry™ can be operated in both directions for  either an up and down motion. 

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    The AutoPantry™ is a vertical carousel that brings shelves down automatically but does not encroach on the space below. The shelves simply go around and around.    Regular stationary shelves can be installed below in order to hold heavy or larger items beneath the carousel unit however floor to cieling units are available.  The AutoPantry™ can also be installed so that a wheelchair can be operated underneath the unit allowing a person of very limited reach to get very close to the unit for removing items.

   The AutoPantry™ is available as a closet or cabinet "insert". It comes fully assembled with natural Baltic birch shelves that have a  semi gloss clear polyurethane finish. The enclosure for the unit is MDF painted black which is then slid into an existing cabinet or closet and requires just a few screws to hold the unit in place. Facing or trim must be added that matches the rest of the closet. The unit must be fully supported at the bottom using a strong shelf or platform. It can be installed in walk-in closets, reach-in closets or pantry style cabinets.   

Patent Pending

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AutoPantry Features

  •   Available in 3 basic depths suitable for an 18 inch deep  cabinet, a 24 inch cabinet and 29 inch deep cabinet. 
  •   Widths range from 24 inches to 40 inches and hieght can range from 43 inches to over 9 feet
  •   Product is a cabinet insert and arrives fully assembled. Installation only includes anchoring the unit within the cabinet or closet system.
  •   Shelves are made out of Baltic Birch and are clear coated in semi gloss polyurethane
  •   Warranty is 3 years parts and labor

AutoPantry Operation 

  • The AutoPantry™ is operated by pressing and holding the switch in the "up" position to move the shelves up and down for the shelves in front to move down.  The toggle switch is a momentary switch that must be held constantly for shelves to move.
  • The unit is designed for light-weight items such as small cans or small boxes.  The load limit per shelf is 10 lbs for the AutoPantry™- 18  and 20 lbs for the AutoPantry™ - 24.  (Approximately 10  small cans is about 10  lbs.)
  • THE UNIT MUST BE IN BALANCE TO OPERATE SMOOTHLY AND SATISFACTORILY.  This means that you cannot have two (2) or three (3) shelves fully loaded that are all next to each other and the others empty.
  • When loading the unit for the first time make sure the AutoPantry™ stays in balance, make sure that first shelf is loaded; then, move the unit and skip three (3) shelves and load that shelf next.  Follow this "in balance" approach until all shelves are loaded.
  • Caution!  ALL items included on a shelf must be NO taller than the back of the shelf.  Failure to adhere to this warning could cause the unit to jam.
  • The unit is designed so that the easiest point to place items in the shelf is when the shelf is at its lowest position.  This provides the widest opening between shelves for easy access.
  • Never place anything inside the unit that is NOT on a shelf! 

Please view this High End AutoPantryTM with automatic doors (Patent Pending)



Please view this Standard AutoPantryTM (Patent Pending)



Please view this Early Model AutoPantryTM (patent pending)


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